ZNZ One Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the ZNZ One Login:

 Here are the Steps to Follow for Login:

  1. First, you will need to copy and paste the sites direct log-in link to your web browsers address bar: http://one.zipnadazilch.com/login.php Highlight this link, right click, scroll down, and choose copy. In your browsers empty address bar, right click, scroll down, and select paste. Then, press enter and should navigate you directly to the ZNZ One Login page.
  2. When you arrive to the ZNZ One Login page, it says member login. First, you will need to enter your email address. Be sure and re-read the email address you type in to make sure that it is correct.
  3. Now that you put in your email address, the next text box is for your password. Try and type it slowly so you have less of a chance of there being errors.
  4. When you have completed both boxes, you may consider checking the remember me box so that next time it will be faster for you.
  5. Finally, click the Login box, and should take you directly to your account.




Having issues with logging in? Try and reset your credentials.

  1. With the same Login page for ZNZ One: http://one.zipnadazilch.com/login.php locate the log-in button and click it.
  2. When you click on the link, it will say Invalid email address or password, ask if you have forgotten your password and will have a link to click. Where it will then ask you to type in your email address.
  3. Once you put in your email address, click on the Request password reset button, it will generate and send you an email with the password you registered their site with.
  4. If you have trouble locating the email that was sent, check your spam folder, because it may have been directed there.

Need any more assistance? Call them directly.

(972) 390-2412

Compose an email!

Through this link you can send them an email: http://www.zipnadazilch.com/contact-us/ fill-in their form with comments or complaints. 


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